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Recipe: Cake Balls

Cake Balls

The way to a person’s heart is their stomach! Gift somebody with a yummy batch of cake balls or use as party favors!

Ready in 1 day

Makes 40 cake balls


  1. stand mixer/whisk
  2. large bowl
  3. spatula
  4. cookie scoop/tablespoon
  5. ladle/ dipping spoon


  1. (2 boxes) favorite cake mix w/ ingredients (on back)
  2. (2 cans) store bought icing
  3. (12 0z) Wilton candy melts
  4. sprinkles (optional)


  1. Bake Prepare both cake mixes as it says on the box. Bake cake as long as needed. (I suggest a long glass pan which works well with preparation.)
  2. Smash After the cakes have cooled, take a large bowl. Try cutting in large pieces to easily crumble. Mix until fully crumbled.
  3. Mix Add icing to the crumbled cake in 1 cup increments until clumpy. (If you wish, Use a stand mixer for quicker results.)
  4. Roll After the cake is ready, use a cookie scoop to portion out cake balls. Use your hands to roll until satisfied. Refrigerate overnight to firm.
  5. Prepare After chilling, set aside cake balls. Melt wax melts in a large bowl in 30 second increments, mixing after warming. (Careful not to burn them.)
  6. Dip This step can be done multiple ways. First, you can use a spoon to dip the cake balls in the melted wax. You could also use a ladle or dipping spoon to pour wax onto a cake ball at a time. Decorate to your satisfaction. Drizzle more chocolate or use sprinkles to decorate. Chill or eat right away. The world is your cake ball, enjoy!


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    The quote is so true! I’m definitely going to try this recipe!!

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