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Poetry // Pain Doesn’t Last Forever but Suicide Does


She leaves as she lives, without being noticed
Many wish that she could’ve known this:
She was loved truly and deeply by many of her peers,
Though it was hard for her to see this through her depression and her tears,
She left many scars the day that she committed,
More than all the scars she had previously hidden,
She left her family in turmoil, stuck wondering why,
All her pain couldn’t have just vanished but they could’ve tried,
To do something or anything but this,
Now they no longer have their baby girl to hug and to kiss,
I left this character only as she,
Though there are many names that this could be.
Many wonder now for a simple solution,
What’s the best way to kill all the confusion,
How can we promote awareness without hurting the cause,
How can we put self-harm plans on pause,
I don’t have the answer but someone will soon,
In the meantime know that someone loves you,
And if you’re struggling please use your voice,
Know that you’re not alone, and suicide’s not the right choice.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, the crisis line offers confidential help and someone to talk to.

Crisis Line: 205.323.7777; Teen Link: 205.328.5465 (specifically for teens).

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