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Poem: To: Mom

Dear Mom

I love you forever and forevermore

The second I opened my eyes you were the whole world for me

And today I still see you the same way

A magnolia tree I spot with the oncoming season of Spring

It reminds me immediately

The strength you display and beauty that radiates without fail

How could an individual work so hard and be so kind without asking for anything in return

You have always risen to the challenge

And I can only imagine of doing the same when life presents me with its obstacles too

If there was a word that existed to describe a mother’s love and sacrifice

It still wouldn’t be enough to describe you

A role model, mentor, fearless soul, exceptional leader, and bountiful person

And my mother

I couldn’t be more blessed to be have you as my mother

I can only hope to make you more proud as time flies by

I wish you happiness and health

And I’ll treasure you endlessly

My dearest mom

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