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Poem: Winter’s Blue

Baby Blue passes another penny to my plate

A snarling kind

Savage toddler cloaked in a carriage

One grand rock and I could hush him to sleep

I know


Baby Blue passes a dime

Hey, thanks

Eleven cents is all that’s been afforded me


A shock of ringlets that lays pacified and still

Unknowing of his decrepit evil sin

In a carriage, does he know better?


So I should lead him to walk

Among the mud-stained icy snow

Billboards of passionate desperation

Buy me, oh please, love me

Baby Blue can’t help it

He’s fascinated



I let him wiggle

Step on twos out of the carriage

And watch his toes curl to feel


A consumerist, chronicling kin

Of winter bitterness


Give me the world in a can of baby food

I’m trying, I’m trying Blue

But they don’t want me in


Pass more pennies

Muster more dimes

Let us eat tonight

And you shan’t act so sullen

This time

We’ll feel warm

No wet on our snow-pants

No dragon-breath gas station sits


I want a tiled floor

So cold

So penetrable and icy

I know

But one of smooth-licking


How such is all I do with you

Baby Blue


Let on to one last breath

Feel the radiation of LED stints

And you’ll catch on to your breath


Do not coo

Do not waiver in little gasps

Baby Blue


I breathe hot air to a dime-piece

As my only gift to you

And place it to your forehead

As you only grow more blue


The expanse of an empty winter city

Should not seem to care

I think

For a little Baby Blue

To die

But you’re mine

And the only chance I had to get

Oh get some sympathies with an itchy fleece blanket

To rest

Not so blue would you be then


But staring down to the cardboard sign that says


I know Baby Blue

is at an end

And eleven cents all my wealth.

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