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Poem: The Moon and The Moth

with humbling intent, 

a tender, sweet ascent,

scaling the moon and it’s light

will make their nightly presence


though adhering to a time,

and an angle sub-sublime,

the milky coin of the sky,

perceives to have a purpose

in guiding fine critters of the night




convinced that the snappy sun may make her 

as beautiful

as refined

as adored as butterflies

the moth searches, desperately,

for a luster that may transform her

may fulfill her

may expose her

to a reality,

a beauty, 

she doesn’t know

only caring for the yellow,

and finding it on porches 

of human creatures,

those known for their shallowness,

a moth is attracted to the light

just as fake

as those who invented it.


she tries to shower herself in it,

deciding that the scarring 

heat and burn

is simply a side effect.


not until her heart stops,

and her fragile body drops, 

does it ever occur to her,

that discontent is dangerous.

Alejandra Briceno

Hey! I’m Alejandra, a sophomore at Homewood High School. I'm a huge fan of Harry Styles, but I enjoy listening to all genres - my favorites ranging from salsa to modern folk. I also enjoy watching New Girl, reading, and working out!

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  • Lily

    I love the way you use the moth as a symbol for something greater.

    September 25, 2023 at 5:28 pm
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