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Poem: The Ghost of You

picture of light in a dark field of flowers

I used to be haunted.


You used to haunt me,

and I lived every day

in fear of your ghost

infiltrating my heart 

and reminding me

of what I did

to hurt you.


I went to our park

two weeks ago

and I didn’t see

your ghost.


I returned on Saturday

cloaked in darkness,

and although the moonlight

was typically where

ghosts like to hide,

you did not

pay me a visit.


I have made new memories 

in our park,

not because 

I want to hurt you,

but because 

that park is still

a piece of me.


And though I thought 

I would never

be able to return,

I did.


I went back,

just yesterday,

to continue constructing

my house of memories

that you don’t have

the key for.


A house

I wasn’t sure

I could ever live in,

but now

feels more like home

than you ever



Your ghost no longer

haunts me,

and as much as I thought

I would miss it,


I don’t.


In fact,

I don’t think 

I miss you anymore

at all.


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marin poleshek

hi! my name is marin, and i am a rising senior at homewood high school. i love to read, write, run, bake, and hike. my favorite color is forest green, and i am currently obsessed with waffles and ranch fries 🙂

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