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Abdominal Cramps: Teenager Hacks to Have A Pain-Free Period

There are a few things that have not been the highlight of a girl’s life post-vaccination or contracting Covid-19 and its variants. Many teenagers have noticed that they’re experiencing changes in their menstrual cycle; some have delayed periods that arrived perfectly in time before, and others have been experiencing intense cramps all of a sudden. This blog will help you deal with the possible causes of your painful period cramps and nausea to help you through. Keep reading to know thorough and inexpensive remedies that help mitigate any discomfort during your time of the month!


Reasons For Painful Period

Mentioned below are a few possible reasons teenage girls can start experiencing a painful period cycle and cramps.

  • Change in lifestyle: The past two years have made us more sedentary, changing our biological clocks and habits. These can often lead to hormonal changes, more painful periods, shortened or lengthened days one menstruates, and other symptoms like increased mood swings and fatigue.
  • Pandemic stress: Even if you don’t feel it as such, everyone has been through constant stress and anxiety ever since the global pandemic began. There has been more to worry about for teenagers, from survival and their health to their academics and future. Your periods can easily get affected due to such stressful situations, becoming more painful for some due to the high interaction of estrogen and cortisol.
  • Post Covid-19 infection or vaccine: Many people have experienced a change in their period once they got their vaccine or contracted COVID-19. It is natural for your body to undergo such changes, as per ongoing research. However, doctors believe that these are temporary. You can take a tonic to normalize your period cycle and cramps and they will return to a healthy state in a matter of time. The natural concoction has no side effects and works on improving your estrogen levels.


Other reasons can include PCOD or dysmenorrhea:

How To Reduce Period Cramps?

  • Use a hot water bag over your abdomen to relieve the uterine wall and reduce cramps.
  • Drink peppermint and lavender tea to soothe inflammation and bloating.
  • Eat lighter meals while menstruating, preferably fruits. Try to cut out complex carbs, dairy, and proteins that make digestion difficult when your body is sensitive.
  • Get Checked for PCOD or irregularities to rule out the possibilities of these disorders.
  • Try gentle yoga poses and stretches to help with relaxing your spine and muscles. Taking a soak in a hot tub or a hot water bath also helps relax the body.
  • Take ibuprofen or another OTC pain reliever if the cramps are very uncomfortable. Try to rest as much as possible, and don’t strain yourself with mundane tasks.
  • Use a cramp healing roll-on over the lower-abdominal region to soothe cramps. These products have natural ingredients and essential oils that immediately take effect.


Wrapping Up:

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can mitigate period cramps. However, if your pain is on a scale of 7 out of 10, make sure to visit the gynecologist. There could be an underlying reason, which can be treated with the help of their expertise. We hope this advice helps you find relief!


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