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Poem: My Love

Knight In Front of Woman from Pexels


Happy Women’s History Month! I wrote this poem about a year ago, and it’s one of the favorites I’ve ever written. I hope you all enjoy it!

Wake up! wake up! I say to my love

He came from there and might go back to above

An arrow yes, it pierced his heart,

but let me my dear go back to the start


my brother, yes, my dear older brother

Went crazy and killed my dear old mother

We mourned her and mourned her for days and days

We tried but we could not disperse the pain


My father told me to run away

In case my brother came back for me another day

He sent with me a knight in armor

I was skeptical cause he was one in number


We set out in the dead of night

I did not want to go the so we had a fight

It woke my brother up and I kid you not,

He started hacking and hacking at the lock


We had no other option so we jumped out the window

It was kind of fun but when I landed it hurt though

He took me to the woods to hide in a hut

When he took me away from my family it felt like id been cut


When I look back, it was all for good reason

But I was so angry I wanted to commit treason

In the sense that I wanted to go back

I knew it, I just knew it, I was about to crack


But the knight in armor, yes the caring knight

When I was scared, he held me tight by night

Yes, as you can imagine we soon fell in love

Yes, my love that came from above


We hid in the woods for ten long years

We got married had kids but the end was near

My brother had not come out of his spell

I heard he was like a demon from hell


My brother, yes my dear older brother

soon found us in the woods by the river

He found my husband and put an arrow through his heart

And here we are back where the story did start


Wake up! Wake up! I said to my love

My knight in armor still did not budge

He died, yes, right there in my arms

I vowed to destroy my brother who brought him harm


That’s my story, I hope you enjoyed it

But mark my words this isn’t the end

I might come back and tell you a different tale

But until then, so long, farewell


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