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I Like Me: A poem about self-acceptance

Self Acceptance I Like Me GirlSpring

I like me.
With my coffee-colored eyes
And unruly curls that dance in the wind
I like me.
With my rounded nose
And my skin, color cinnamon
With my lips that have comforted many

At times, I want to be like a tree
Willing to grow through the cracks
Lined with sturdy branches offering
A place of shade for you
to write that haiku
And make that call
The one you said you always yearned to do.
And I want to be like a piano
My life playing a wondrous tune
One that could bring a smile to you
Or maybe I could be a house
With rooms bursting with music
Stretching a warm invite to you
But even if I could offer you these things,
Would that do?

I’m still learning
But I like me.
With my mind that searches
for the unknown in the midst of what is seen
And the joy I’ve come to find in the mundane
And the stories that flow through me
Sometimes it’s still hard to say
But yes, I like me.
I really do.

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Hilary Batista

Hi there! I'm a rising high school senior with a passion for writing and am very excited to be helping out with GirlSpring's teen advisory board, Springboaders.

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