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Poem: Fax no Printer!

Fax no Printer

By: Maddison Cole


Here we go

Time to dispose

Of all the myths

Known to be facts,

Puttin’ it all on blast.

Let’s first look to the past.


Columbus and the Americas.

They say he was the first to find them,

But was actually the last

And may I remind,

That he was not refined.

But people think,

“Oh that’s fine,

We can make that part hard to find.”


Movin’ on to who freed the slaves.

“Abraham Lincoln” You say.

But hey!

The emancipation proclamation

Didn’t free the slaves,

It just had them working for money this time.


Moving back to the present

And into the mundane.

To the things that aren’t filled with fame.

Starting off, 

did you know that bats ain’t blind?

Or that humans use all of their brain,

Not just that 10 percent!

And Ostriches don’t actually stick their heads in the sand!


Just somethings I figured you might wanna know,

But I think it’s about time to go.

Let’s close out, say it with me.


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