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Poem: Autumn

It’s that time of year when the whole day feels like the morning

When I think of my solo strolls down the sidewalk

Kicking up leaves, taking in deep, crisp breaths

Closing my eyes when I feel a soft breeze graze across my skin

I feel the wind pick up the draft of my long green skirt

My green eyes reflect the orange of the leaves on the roads

A contrast I feel as as the light reflects on my eyes

I feel my pupils get as small as the head of a pin

I feel my irises allow their colors to show

Just as the leaves show their colors this time of year

I am filled with hope, the smells of fall surrounding me

The smell of crushed leaves, an herbal sort of scent

My boots crushing them, snapping like chips

I put my hands in my coat pockets as I feel the cool tingle on my fingers

I love the cold air, as I feel my cheeks blush with glee

I think of fresh coffee in a mug suited for me

A warm shrug of happiness after taking the first sip

The cold air making my upturned nose feel numb

The birds hopping with each step

Chirping to each other to spread the good news

Autumn is here



Sela is a HS junior and a member of GirlSpring's teen leadership group, Springboarders. She runs a chapter of GirlSpring at her school where she seeks to empower other girls' voices.

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