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Podcast: GirlSpring Interviews Pop Artist Anie Delgado

Anie Delgado


GirlSpring interviews pop artist, Anie Delgado, who recently released her inspiring music video for “Dancing While The World Is On Fire.”  Delgado is teaming with Zero Hour to promote unity and female empowerment with this uplifting video bringing awareness to climate change.
Proceeds from merchandise released with the song will benefit Zero Hour, an organization bringing awareness to climate and environmental justice. Delgado is also teaming up with young climate activists to help spread her message to her fellow generation for the music video.
Using her platform even further, she plans to work with influencers on a TikTok campaign to help call young activists and teen girls to action to aid her mission in educating the world about climate change.
GirlSpring is a non-profit with a mission of empowering girls and we love what Anie Delgado is trying to accomplish with her music!
Listen to the podcast here


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