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the city hums a lullaby of sirens a concrete cradle
of restless dreams.
the moon’s rays draw silver stripes on asphalt,
each reflecting a minute universe
and lone stars in puddles mirror
distant galaxies.

laughter – spilling through a fire escape, a sprinkle
of joy against the rustic background of forgotten

the smell of spices from her apartment mingles with exhaust fumes.
a scent profile created from
lives unseen. stories

time stretches and folds and
accordion-like minutes
are measured in
troubadour’s melodies

cities breathe – inhaling memories and exhaling ignorance
i breathe. and so does my


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Neena Atkins

I am a 15-year-old student journalist interested in the intersection of international relations, women’s rights, and history. I’m an avid reader of several genres such as literary nonfiction and personal memoirs. I am a sophomore living in New York!

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