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Poem: Time Runs Out, but Memories Last Forever

In the blink of an eye, the years fly by,

Like fleeting stars that dot the sky,

Time rushes forth, a river’s flow,

Yet in its wake, a tapestry of memories glow.

From childhood days of laughter’s reign,

To youthful dreams that knew no chain,

The seasons change, they come and go,

Yet every chapter, a memory to sow.

In innocent gazes, the wonder we find,

Exploring the world, hearts intertwined,

With friends and family, hand in hand,

A treasure trove of moments, life’s finest strand.

The schoolyard echoes of joy and play,

Like melodies that linger and stay,

The friendships forged, forever blessed,

In memory’s embrace, they’ll never rest.

In tender love, the heart finds its wings,

As whispers of time, like a love song sings,

In each stolen glance and shared embrace,

Eternal memories, time cannot erase.

The trials faced, the battles fought,

Moments of courage, lessons taught,

They shape us, mold us, leave a trace,

In the tapestry of life, their rightful place.

As years advance, like a fleeting bird,

Each day’s a page yet to be heard,

The sands of time, they slip away,

Yet memories in our hearts will stay.

So seize the moments, don’t let them pass,

For life’s a canvas, a masterpiece en masse,

In every heartbeat, a memory to make,

Time may fly, but memories do not forsake.


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Alabama School of Fine Arts graduate of 2025 Math/Science Department

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