New Kid

For most of my 15 years on this planet, I have lived a calm existence. I lived in a town of less than 3000 people. 3000 might even be stretching it a bit. It is a cute little southern town. It is the kind of place where you know everyone and everyone knows you. This can be a great thing. If you need help, your neighbors are right there. Your teachers at school know you and when I say they “know you”, they really do. They have most likely taught your siblings and your parents. This can also backfire for a teenager. That teacher may sit beside you at the ballgame and will most definitely run into your parents at the grocery store. Life in a small town is pretty easy. It is pretty slow paced. One thing that I got used to in a small town was that my daily life was pretty predictable.

Cue the plot twist.

What do you do when your family decides to move to a city, in another state, right in the middle of your high school career? Well, you start packing your bags. To be honest, you stress, panic, cry, and basically have a complete and total come apart…but then you suck it up and pack more bags. The first order of business is to check out your new high school and the all important school colors. Blue and black, check. That’s awesome.

So, fast forward to actually arriving in your new city. There are 1.2 million people in the Birmingham metro area. That is a bit bigger than what I am used to. There is even food delivery other than just pizza. Up until this point in my life, I thought Chinese food delivery was just in the movies. This place might be ok. This city is new to me. That can be intimidating or it can be cool. I love to take pictures of unique, old buildings and downtown is crammed full of them. This place is growing on me.
My new high school has over 1600 students. That is also bigger than what I am used to. I could panic and retreat or I could rock this. Big schools are scary, but amazing. There is group for everyone. You like to play sports? There is every sport ever invented. You like to play the tuba? Join the band. Are you a math nerd? Be a math-lete. I’m still finding my group. I wonder if there is a group for sarcastic but funny, overthinkers? I think I could be the president. Again to be honest, I am about 60% panicked and about 40% rocking it. That’s a solid 40% and at this point, I will take it.

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