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My Top 3 Favorite Things About Leading a Girlspring Chapter

As the spring semester is nearing an end, I’ve decided to reflect back on my experience as a GirlSpring club leader at my school. I’ve been a part of the GirlSpring organization for around two years now, and I loved being able to start one of its first chapters in my area.


Listed down below are 3 highlights of my experience and why I think these chapters are truly beneficial. 

  1. Spreading GirlSpring’s Mission

  • The GirlSpring website was first launched in 2016 and aimed to empower girls to reach their full potential.

  • Through articles, camps, and seminars, GirlSpring spreads the message of women’s empowerment and overall uplifts the female community.

  • Through starting or participating in GirlSpring chapters, one can help bring this message of female positivity into an academic atmosphere and aid the organization in reaching a larger scope of people.

  • Chapters can also help share GirlSpring Wonder Woman events and activities such as STEM night!

     2. Forming Everlasting Friendships

  • In my school, we always start off each GirlSpring meeting by sharing fun facts about ourselves and getting to know everyone in the club.
  • Icebreakers are an amazing way to build relationships with others, and having a close-knit group of friends is beneficial in various settings.
  • Furthermore, through universal clubs such as GirlSpring, you are able to form bonds with girls from diverse age groups and backgrounds.


       3. Shared Experiences and Inclusivity

  • Given the transparency and diversity found in each chapter, GirlSpring’s clubs allow girls to share experiences that can be very eye-opening.
  • Each month, club leaders develop a slideshow that covers topics related to women’s empowerment, ranging from light-hearted topics to deeper ones.
  • During our presentations, we try to make the program very interactive and give listeners the ability to share their own thoughts.
  • Inside GirlSpring chapters, you are also able to provide others with a voice, as chapter members have the opportunity to write their own articles and podcasts to post onto the website!



To check out examples on how GirlSpring empowers our young girls, click here to see how Bella Gentry defines empowerment in her own words

And, don’t forget to check out what the USAID shares about women’s empowerment on a daily timeline


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