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Message from the Future

Message from the Future

Message from the Future


Sup myself from 2024!

Oh gosh, it was a tough year for you. Contests, classwork, cramming, and your first case of depression. You saw a meme that went: “What if we haven’t had time travelers because we have no future?”

Actually, here I am! We invented a virtual time machine that sends emails to the past and future and I’m not supposed to be telling anyone about it, but I guess telling myself doesn’t break the rules. Does it?

I’m super tempted to reveal the answers to a couple of tests, but life isn’t fun when you know the cheat codes.

Instead, I’ll tell you about what I usually do:

8:00: Woke up, ran a mile, ate breakfast, and got ready for class. Don’t sign up for 8:00 am classes! I ended up being late to English 101 every day Freshman year…

10:00: Started strong with my favorite class of the day! Statistics! The math is lowkey easy but they also teach you to code with Python and SQL which is really useful.

12:00: Lunch with friends at the best Chinese restaurant around! Their boba is amazing! Also squeezed in my video game dailies and studied for a physics test lol.

2:00: Aced physics! Time to finish that history paper. There is too much to read and write in college, so thank god for ChatGPT v7. It’s amazing at summarizing super long articles or books.

4:00: Now for my actual CS class! The algorithms were getting hard and I almost died of confusion, but my friends helped me out. I still don’t understand Problem 6, so I’m going to office hours.

6:00: Woo! Time for sailing practice! Yes, I joined the recreational sailing team. Cruising down the river at sunset is such a vibe. Maybe I should also learn how to pilot a yacht!

8:00: Worked on that time machine and edited some Youtube videos. Your dream came true: I’m doing super cool tech stuff and being a Youtuber! There is a silver play button on the wall behind me!

10:00: Time to wind down! Yes, I am a CS major but I shower and get 10 hrs of sleep. I used to stay up till 2 am partying (I know, I’m not the average CS major) or chatting with roommates. Thank God I stopped that!

Ok I shouldn’t spoil the future so I’m leaving it there.

If you want my life, just keep doing what you love! Your future has a lot of surprises (bet you didn’t see sailboats coming), but I promise, it’s going to be good!

Signing off!

Myself from the present (2030)

P.S. PLEASE DON’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT THE TIME MACHINE!!!!! You’ll get that patent if you keep it to yourself 😛

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