Luck of a Draw: How I Discovered my Passion for Writing

Luck of the Draw: How I Discovered My Passion For Writing

Sometimes we stumble upon the thing we need the most without our knowing. Putting that thing in the incorrect place because we don’t really believe that we’ll need it, only to figure out later on we’re frantically searching around for it. This is how writing was for me. I stumbled upon it when I was nine years old not really understanding what I did find until later on in life which would have to be about a few months ago.

Now here I am at fourteen flailing around feeling as if I’ve wasted time. Currently looking for anyone who’ll hire someone as young as I am. Constantly being turned down without being given a chance to show what I can do. Right now all I can do is wait, not wait and do nothing I will continue to hone in on my skills and sharpen them. But I will wait until someone makes their lucky draw and find me. Until then I’ll make my ruckus in this industry someone will hear my cry.

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