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Jesus’s Birthday: Poem

A snowy, beautiful cold day

Families congregating and negatives segregating

Laughter in unison, music to my ears

Karaoke and non-singers

Yes, we’re all the winners

The energy is an enigma

Conversations, questions, and answers over dinner

Family and friends making memories to remember

The transparency and honesty is causing tender-hearts in the air

Sitting with my family there is nothing to fear

Likewise, I never thought that love could be so warm

In such a small place, where the devil tries to face

He makes gifts seem more important than Holiday’s worth

So, it’s time to tell the truth and spill all the juice

It is good to give and receive, but do not deceive

The reason why we give

This is one of the only times to live in harmony with your brothers and sisters

Because it is our Father’s Birthday

 Go ahead and drop your workday

                                                                                              By: Rachel Ari

Rachel Ari

Hi, I am Rachel Ari. I am a freshman in high school who loves to write, hang with friends, and have fun.

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