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Imagine Pt.2

As Lynn opened the door to her house, she saw the stacks of paper on her dining table stacking up. Habitually, she took a turn to her bedroom ignoring the taxes that were laying there. It was wonderful to have to deal with such stressful things once the weather finally became nice enough to enjoy outside again.


She had to face it, Lynn couldn’t keep her business open anymore. She had tried to shift her products online, yet it was failing her and she no longer received enough profit to cut even anymore. It was depressing and scary but why didn’t she feel sad at the thought of never being able to do it again, confused her. She knew her business was what sustained her living necessities and house but other than that she couldn’t care less if this was the last time.


The thoughts ran wild in her head bumping into each other like the ebb and flow of the ocean against a sailboat. She needed to do something, she had to solve the problem or else she would drown. Lynn would drown too deeply in self-doubt, worrying and find herself stuck frozen in fear.


Bzz, BZZ! The vibration of her phone brought her out of the trance and she quickly fished it out of her pocket. 


“Um, hello?” Lynn asked.


“Hi, this is professor Crem! I was wondering if this phone number belonged to one of my former students Lynn. Is this her?” she asked.


“Yes, this is her,” she responded.


“Hi Lynn, you might be wondering why one of your old professors is calling you, but I’ve been made aware of an opportunity to hire an assistant. I was thinking if you are still in town, you might be up for it. Also, you are guaranteed a pretty good pay weekly. Don’t feel pressured and please call me back when you’ve made your decision, but keep in mind you have only one week to decide. I’m sure you still remember my email or at least I hope you do! Be sure to send your resume! ” Mrs. Crem exclaimed. 


“Wait! Mrs. Crem? Hello, hello…” Lynn spoke into her phone but no one responded. She shook her head to herself, what a peculiar phone call and professor. She sighed and looked around at her dull room. Maybe, this is what she needed. Her life had a weird way of working out in unusual circumstances, so she didn’t plan on stopping it. 


Lynn picked herself up from the bed and decided to order food. After eating the food on the couch while watching tv, her fatigue from the day started catching up with her. Her eyes drifted close and the noise of the television started to sound warped. She had fallen asleep on the couch like this many times before, but this time she was lulled away to sleep peacefully for the first time since she had moved to the very house.


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  • Saniya Vaish

    I really like how you introduced the plot!

    May 25, 2023 at 9:38 pm
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