Spring Bucket List

We all want to be that “aesthetic girl” who has a bucket list for every season, but when you finally pop open that notebook and put a few ideas down you realize I definitely cannot do all of this with a budget.

I’ve been there! Spring is such a magical time of year and it deserves more then a bunch of girls watching YouTube, so I’ve come up with some budget, weather, and location friendly things you can proudly say you did this spring,


Raise a plant

I know we’ve all had a plant die on us but raising a plant is worth the effort. You can easily pick up a plant at your local hardware store or garden center! Wouldn’t it be great to grow some strawberries this spring? It’s not that hard either, since most plants have a little stick that says when you should water them and how much sun they should have, just put a reminder on your phone to water them and your good to go! Enjoy gardening!

Read outside

I know… Reading is totally overrated, NO IT IS NOT GIRLY! We all should read much more then we do, so get out there on a nice day and read up! There are plenty of book recommendations on GirlSpring, maybe sit on a park bench, rock in a hammock, or sit on your balcony. Maybe you’ll like it, who knows?


Spot Nature

I know the title sounds weird but hear me out. Look outside your nearest window and appreciate the nature, even the city has nature! Clouds count here! Look at that bird, or that tree, appreciate how pretty it is!


Have a picnic

“Picnics are to hard to put together”,I don’t want ants crawling over my food!.” I get it, but picnics aren’t that hard and you don’t need a romantic hill or a fancy blanket. All you need are some Tupperware containers, a bag, and your good to go. You also don’t need to have a seven course meal, a sandwich is fine, even an apple and a bag of chips is good! Just get out there and…. EAT!


Spring Clean

“To declutter your space is to declutter the mind.” Okay, I just made that up but still. It’s not healthy to have a messy living environment and one day (or already) you’ll realize it’s not that bad, it’s almost fun! And I’m saying this from a teen perspective, so empty your trash can! Fluff up your pillows! Dust that bookshelf you never use!


That’s the end of my wonderful spring-bucket-list-idea-thingy-majigy. I hope it helped you feel like you can have some aesthetic girl fun this spring, and maybe appreciate nature and how wonderful it is. Have a wonderful day!


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Zoe Middleton

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