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I Am Poetry

I am an Ocean

A constant force of back and forth

Pressing against the warm grains of sand

Retreating back to my home in the endless blue depths

And repeat like a never-ending cycle


I am Poetry

Elusive and flexible

My perception is merely a reflection of the viewer

I flow like water and hit like bricks


I am a Snake

Winding and slithering on the dirt ground

My body rears back as I bare my fangs for the world to see

And I pounce on my unknowing victim


I am a Mountain

Born into the ground and destined to stay

Try as I might to escape

I stand strong against the weathering

And yet, I slowly erode into dust


I am a Sunflower

Tall and beautiful

My light radiates into the nearby crevices of everything that surrounds me

Until I am left contaminated by the darkness

A demise of my own creation


I am a Leaf

My colors change with the seasons, never quite repeating

Blossoming into a wide array of greens

Aging to a pale, wrinkled yellow

And I am left behind in the wind


I am a Tea Bag

Steeped into the boiling sea

The sharp spice of my leaves abandons me as I flail

Robbed of my only substance

Left with nothing but a memory of prestige

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