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How to Use Your Time Wisely During The School Year

How to Use Your Time Wisely During the School Year

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Best Tips on how on how to use your time wisely during the school year by Ashley Mosley

1. Make sure when you come home from school to go ahead and pre make your lunch, snack, and water bottle.This allows you to sleep just a few more glorious minutes in the morning.
Always lay out your clothes before bed so you aren’t running around the house trying to find that one sock or the other shoe.

2. Do all of your homework right when you get home so when you finish, you know you get to hang out and not have to worry about it all night long.

3. If you don’t have a planner, look into getting one. It will really help keep track of what you need to do in the next few weeks and plan ahead for study time.

4. When you are studying, put your phone away. It can be so distracting and take double the time because a notification popped up and “had” to be checked.

5. Don’t wait until the night before to start a project. If you do a little each night, you will done before you know it and won’t have the pressure to cram the night before!


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