How to Stay Organized this School Year!

How To Stay Organized This School Year!


It’s summer, which means laying out by the pool, relaxing, and hanging out with friends. But it also means school shopping for the next year. Most people dread school shopping, because it reminds them that another school year is on the horizon. However, school shopping can not only motivate you, but help you get off on the right footing! Whether you’re dreading going back to school, or you’re looking forward to it every day, the truth is that its coming up! And when it does, you’ll want to be organized. Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up through the years to give you the best school year ever!

  1. Take school shopping seriously! Even though you may not be excited about it, school shopping should be taken seriously! When you go shopping for the upcoming year, have a list of all your classes. Once you have all your classes in mind, it can be a fun project to pick out binders and folders to match! Be sure to pick out the cutest ones, so you get to look forward to using them!
  2. Have a different binder for each subject. Things can get messy really quickly when you’re cramming all 7 classes worth of papers into one binder. Be sure to have separate binders and folders for each subject. No longer look for that permission form crumbled up in the bottom of your backpack- just put it in it’s folder and you’ll never have to worry!
  3. Color code! Whether it be your notes, study guides, or folders, color coding can be a quick visual to help you learn! Making your notes cute and vibrant colors can help your brain learn, and it can help you make school fun!
  4. Make use of your locker! My final tip for how to stay organized is to use your locker, and to keep it organized! Try to take only your designated binder and folder to each class, so there’s no confusion or misplacing of papers! If you use your locker correctly, it can help your every day schedule go smoothly!


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