The “Pretty Little Liars” Finale- SPOILER ALERT!


So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the past 7 years of your life watching “Pretty Little Liars” like it’s your job. I mean, I feel like Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer have become a part of my life! I fell in love with the show when it first came on, when the 4 friends were mourning the loss of their best friend, Allison. However, over 7 seasons later, the show took more turns than I can even remember. But the biggest turn was in the finale last night!

Finally, Rosewood (and our liars!) is at peace! The finale began with a 1 year time jump, where the 5 girls are chatting. “AD” comes up in conversation, and the girls reminisce on the days they were tortured, and even talk about how they never figured out who AD was. (What??? After years of being tortured, they just forgot about it??) Anyways, it quickly pans to Mona, who we see is still at Radley Sanitorium. (Poor Mona!)

Ultimately, the episode revolved around the fact that Aria and Ezra are getting married. (Remember- Hanna and Caleb already tied the knot, and Alli proposed to Emily!) Everything seems to be going fine until Aria realizes she’s unable to have kids, and wants to call off the wedding. Her friends talk her off the cliff, and they go to bed excited for Ezria’s wedding!

Turns out, Ezra was kidnapped (along with none other than Spencer!) and is unable to make it to the wedding. The camera pans to Spencer in a cell, where she knows she has been kidnapped with AD. And the moment we’ve all been waiting for… we come back to face with AD. And it’s Spencer???? (Well, not really, just her psycho identical twin she didn’t know existed that has been torturing her and her friends for years out of jealousy.) AD, also known now as Alex Drake, explains to Spencer why she has been torturing her and her friends as Spencer listens in horror and confusion.Ezra is being held captive as well, as the friends start to wonder if this is because of AD.

None other than Jenna (the blind one) is the one that realizes Spencer’s twin isn’t actually Spencer! News spreads fast as the liars speed to the location, and ultimately save both Spencer and Ezra from her evil twin.

The episode ends with the Ezria wedding (Thank God! We’ve only been waiting 7 seasons for this!) and all of the liars finally happy.

Ezra and Aria finally had their wedding surrounded by friends and were off to their honey moon, with plans for adoption in the near future.

Emily and Allison have twins and are happily engaged to be married.

Hanna and Caleb are still married, and we find out in the very end finally pregnant!

Spencer ends with closure of AD, and hopes with Toby!

And as for AD and her mother, Mary Drake? Don’t worry they’re safe- in a real life doll house, being controlled by Mona for the rest of their days.


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