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How To Make Your Room Style Suit Your Personality

Don’t Stick to a Theme

If you don’t want to, you shouldn’t stick to a theme. When you try and choose a theme for your bedroom, you end up restricting your personal style. Maybe you like a minimalistic style, but also love displaying your favorite items around the room, too. And if you pick a minimalistic theme, you cannot fill your shelves with too many items. So, ignore the theme and let your creative juices flow. When you are not restricting your preferences, you can successfully style the room to reflect your own personality. So, feel free to mix and match different styles, from chic to minimalistic, all are allowed.

Decorate the Walls

No girl should leave the walls in her room empty. Rather, use them to reflect your personality. If you like staying organized and writing on walls, you can hang up a big whiteboard on the wall behind your desk for scribbling down your ideas or things you have to do during the day. On the other hand, you can get some posters of your favorite movies and frame them above your bed. And if you’d like something more gentle, you can find amazing and dreamy posters at Posteramo and even custom-make them to fit your style and personality. If you like painting, just frame a few of your favorites and make a gallery wall. Plus, if you have a favorite flower, pick it, let it dry, and press it. Then, simply tape it to a piece of paper and frame it. It can be a nice botanical addition to your decor.

Create Your Own Bold Decor Piece

You don’t have to get new pieces in order to style your room to your personality. There probably is that one piece of furniture, like a dresser, that you don’t like how it looks. However, instead of asking to get another one, consider how you can redecorate it. For example, if you would like to look like it came out of a Disney movie, get some paint and get to work. Ask your friends to give you a hand, and repaint the dresser. You can even give it a pop of color by choosing two shades of purple and blending them in from brightest to darkest. And if you’d like something edgier, simply paint it in some darker shades or even paint it black.

Play with Lights

If your room needs a bit more light, don’t just add a lamp and call it a day. Rather, be creative. For example, you can find those amazing night lights shaped like a moon and provide some mood to your room. Or, you can even get those magical string lights and hang them vertically over the bed and change the vibe of the entire room. Possibilities are endless here, and there are so many great lighting fixtures online that you can get and transform your entire room within minutes.

Make Room for Your Books

No matter if they are school books or your favorite genre, you should make space for them. If you love books, display them! You can do that by adding as many shelves as you can. You can even spread them out throughout the room and use that vertical space for all of your favorite fantasies. Plus, with shelves, you always have space to display all of your favorite knickknacks and artwork.

Your room is your safe space and you should decorate it to fit your personality. No matter what your likes and dislikes are, feel free to show them through the room’s decor.

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