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How to Keep your Glow During Winter


Artwork created by the article’s author, Trina Hannah!

As the winter season is approaching us, it can be hard to keep that same glow you feel from the summer and spring. This can apply to you even if you’re in a warmer state, where let’s say it doesn’t snow, or the temperature doesn’t drop that much. Regardless of where you live, it can be easy to get into a rut as the days get shorter and it starts to get darker outside earlier. However, here are some tips to help you avoid that feeling this winter season:

Keep being active

  1. It can be really easy to get less active in the colder months where the days are shorter. Getting out of bed even can be a challenge within itself. That is exactly why you should find some fun and simple ways to keep your body moving. This can be things such as going for a short walk, doing an at home workout, or practicing something for your sport. Or if you are looking for something different and a bit simpler, you could try something like yoga or even just stretching. The hardest part about getting up and doing anything is just getting yourself to do it, but once you do it you will feel so much better.

 Wear what makes you feel good

2. Have you ever heard of the saying “When you look good, you feel good”? This is a popular saying for a reason. It is one hundred percent true. So wear whatever makes you feel good. This could be sweatpants and a hoodie, or a dress. You do you!

Don’t stay inside all day

3. It can be easy to keep yourself indoors a lot especially if it’s cold out. But it is important to still get out of your house even if it is only for an hour. You could even just go to grab a coffee with a friend and sit down and catch up. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy whatsoever, just something to look forward to and get you out of your house for a bit. 

Celebrate the season

4. There are many wonderful things that come along with the winter season. Such as the holidays if you celebrate, Christmas and Hanukkah are just two examples. There is also the feeling of the holiday joy around, people tend to be in happier moods and are willing to be kinder to others. You can build snowmen, go sledding, see Christmas lights, drink hot cocoa, etc. There are plenty of options out there for what you can do to celebrate the season for the good things it has to offer you.

Eat a balanced diet

5. We all love to have christmas cookies, hot cocoa, etc. However, while it is ok to treat yourself once in a while, it is important to also make sure you are having some sort of balance there. This can include eating more home cooked meals rather than eating out, or just making sure to include fruits, vegetables, and protein into your diet. 

Spend time with people you love

6. Lastly, you can never go wrong with surrounding yourself with people you love. They can always help to brighten your day and be that sunshine that we all miss during the winter season. Plus, they can also be motivation to get up and do something!

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