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How to Host a Brilliant Barbecue

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The perfect BBQ is made up of a lot of things. However, the thing you should focus on above all else is the food you serve. And seeing that summer is right around the corner, you’ll probably want to throw a BBQ or two with your friends. If you’re planning to host this year, you better brush up on your BBQ etiquette right about now! If you’re keen to impress, you won’t only need something to grill on and plenty of food to go round; you’re also going to want to keep the tips down below in mind too. 


Get Clued Up on Food Intolerances

Who are you inviting to the BBQ? Get as many details from them as possible about what they can and can’t eat, as well as what they’d like to eat. The more clued up you are now, the better the party will turn out! It’s also a good idea to double check the night before in case you’ve missed anything; if so, you’ll then have the morning to fix it. 


So, have you got a friend with any gluten intolerances? You’ll want to buy gluten free buns and pasta for them to eat. Similarly, if you’ve got a friend with a lactose intolerance, try to whip up some dairy-free alternatives of common creamy side dishes. And if there’s a diabetic in your group, take the sugar out without making the food taste any less good. 


Make it Colorful

The more colorful your BBQ is, the better. And we’re not just talking about the food here. The decorations, the plates and cutlery, as well as the drinks, all need to be colorful as well. If you can, buy a few disposable items before your event to make sure there’s something fun to eat off of. 


As for the way you’ll decorate, a good bit of bunting and balloons always works out. The drinks can be made colorful with a bit of added fruit, or by making traditional beverages like pink lemonade to enjoy in the hot weather. You can also whip up a non-alcoholic punch with any kind of citrus fruit paired with something more subtle, such as peaches and pears. 


Don’t Forget Your Side Dishes

Then we come to the pièce de résistance of any good BBQ: what you serve on the side! Anything you pair with the meats, kebabs, and vegan goodies you’ve got on the grill needs a lot of thought. From following a stuffed mushroom recipe to making a pasta salad, this is where you can add variety, taste, and texture to what you’re cooking. 


You’ve already got a lot of protein getting charred in front of you, so you’ll want to focus on the other food groups within your sides. Carbs and fats, dairy and veggie – they all need to be present to round off the meal brilliantly! 


A brilliant BBQ is right around the corner! Make sure you’re planning one by getting the simplicities just right. 

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