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Holiday Season To-Do List

Are you ready for this Holiday Season? Here are some ideas for how to spend your December!

December 1

Decorate your home! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or nothing at all, decorating your home to be holiday-ready or winter-themed can be exciting!

December 2

Movie Marathon! Get comfy, invite your friends and grab a cup of hot cocoa and have a Christmas movie marathon all night long

December 3

Board Night! This night is about all things board. Ask your friends and family to come over and bring a board of choice whether it’s a sushi board, dessert board, or even a board game!

December 4 

Make a wish list! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, making an aesthetically pleasing wish list with all the things you want can be plenty of fun!

December 5

Put on a cute winter outfit and head to your nearest ice skating rink to feel all the winter vibes this December

December 6

Self-care Night! Who doesn’t love some good old self-care? Pull up your favorite show, put on your pj’s and face mask, grab a cup of hot tea and relax!

December 7

Secret Santa! Tell your friends and draw out of a hat. Even going to the dollar store and picking out 1 or 2 items for a person you love can be fun!

December 8

Get your family together and start baking. From hot cocoa bombs to gingerbread men to lemon pound cake, a sweet treat is all you need to get the Winter vibes going!

December 9

Drive to your local mall and try on the tackiest and Christmas-worthy outfits there!

December 10

Grab a friend, family member, or complete stranger and become their arms! Whether they’re doing their skincare or their homework, it’s your turn to help them out!

December 11

Grab 2 friends, a blindfold, and an ear muffler or earbuds and let one person not hear, one not see and one person not able to talk and try to bake a dessert together. It’s quite a challenge!

December 12

Christmas Party! Invite everyone you know and throw a party with food, drinks, and games. Put on the Christmas music and get ready to party!

December 13

Scrapbook time! Get out all your crafty materials and print out some pictures and it’s time to make the most creative portrait, collage, or scrapbook with all your favorite memories!

December 14

Winter is all about cozy vibes. Put on your favorite sweatshirt and PJ pants and cozy up with a novel of your choice!

December 15

Get a holiday drink from Starbucks!

December 16

Give back to the community and volunteer at your local soup kitchen or donate to a food bank!

December 17

Do you know that one neighborhood that always goes all out with its Christmas lights? Grab your friends and have a visit.

December 18

Make and decorate Christmas cards for your friends and family!

December 19

Take an off day. Lay in bed, watch your favorite show, and just relax

December 20
Deep cleaning time! Deep clean your house in prep for the holidays.

December 21

Break out your Spotify and make the most epic playlist ever!

December 22

Shop ’til you drop! Grab last-minute gifts or a little something for yourself

December 23

Craft time! Make garlands to decorate your walls or wreaths for your doors!

December 24

Cook a fancy meal for you and your family and hang out with those distant relatives!

December 25

Relax and enjoy your Christmas!

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  • Alejandra Briceno

    Absolutely love this. Will definitely follow the to-dos for christmas break!

    December 13, 2022 at 11:56 am
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