Taking a look back at 2020: My view

     Overall, 2020 was a very horrendous year. It shocked everyone, and tore us away from each other. Numerous events took place, such as race related protests, wildfires, and on top of it all, the coronavirus pandemic. We have had to change our lifestyles, and  routines a lot over 2020. Lockdowns caused us to be away from our relatives and friends. I myself couldn’t meet my grandparents this year due to the pandemic. Though times have been hard, the pandemic has also had a few positive impacts. We have slowed down a bit and found more time for outdoor activities, hobbies and spending more time with our families.


       The pandemic has necessitated numerous safety steps such as lockdowns, wearing of masks when going outside, virtual schooling, remote working, etc,I have always been used to in-person school and meeting my friends. Now I barely see anyone other than on Zoom or Facetime. Though it has been difficult to adjust to online learning, I think some schools are managing it really well. The scheduled zoom classes we have seem like actual classes. The teachers involve everyone in discussions, and I am learning many new concepts. It is mainly isolation that has affected the majority. Not being able to see family members or friends is tough, but we must do it for social distance.


     Virtual school is completely different from what normal school would be, especially, the fact that I am starting to go to a new school online.  I learned many things over the first semester of virtual school. I learned that in order to do well, you need to have passion for what you do, and also need to pay attention. Last semester I had passion, but I was overwhelmed by the workload, the amount of things I was learning, and at times I was not organized. Now I am more organized in the second semester, and it’s helping me so much. When I studied for tests last semester, I did well in many of them, but I always thought I could do better, so now instead of studying close to a test, I make sure I already know the material very well, and then use that study time to revise. I have found online school helpful, because it lets me have a feel of how in person school will be, and what all determination I need to have in order to succeed.


        Overall, the year has been full of hardships, but there have been few positives too. We have been separated from our friends, but we have family. Family is what heals us during these times, and gives us strength to move on. The pandemic gives us a chance to bond with them, and enjoy. I myself am happy that I can spend more time with my family and my pet dog. We have gotten the time to focus on their health, such as playing a sport, or going for a walk. Me and my family go for walks a lot on trails and around the neighborhood. I find it really great that we are in a time in which technological advances have ensured that a vaccine that was expected to be finished in years took just a year! So out of all the bad things, we can find positive things that help us carry on with hope for normalcy in the not so distant future.


       The pandemic has changed our way of life in numerous ways, but for the negatives, we can find positives that make us feel happier. I know I need to get through this, and then later everything will be back to normal. I will be able to meet my friends, distant relatives, and even take in-person classes. I will also be able to go out without wearing a mask. Online school is different, and I have found ways to manage it better, and have a great learning experience. We may be separated from others, but it will all pay off in the end. I am very hopeful that the year 2021 will be a fresh start.

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