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Healthy Lifestyle Tips

As a dancer and athlete, I know how important it is to want to be able to make healthy choices. Making smart decisions to preserve your body is vital to success-whether in a sport or in history class!

Here is a (short) list of some easy and simple things you can do to establish a smart and healthy lifestyle!

Drink Water

Water is your friend and is what keeps you going throughout the day. Without enough water, you can easily loose focus and feel weak! Something that helps me to drink water more often is simply just carrying around a water bottle with me at school and dance. I also make it a habit to try to drink a glass of water before every meal!

Vitamin D

Natural sunlight is very beneficial for physical and mental health and getting just a little bit of sun time does a lot of good for stress and even sleep problems! Try going on a quick 10 walk, reading a book outside, or finding a fun activity to do with friends!

Ditch the Screen Before Bed

I know how easy it is to scroll and click on YouTube and Instagram. I am constantly a culprit of laying down to go to sleep and after an hour finally putting my phone away. This not only can hurt your eyes, but can disrupt your sleep. In order to solve this problem, I find putting the phone in the other room to charge at night helps me!

Eat Fruits & Veggies

I know, but seriously! There are so many pros of eating them;  you get most of your nutrients that you need to function from them, they are low calorie, and low in sodium! Try packing an apple in your lunch (or getting one from the lunch line), or some broccoli to dip in ranch!

Spend Time with Friends

Having time to relax and just hang with friends or family can be so good for mental health! Friends can be good distractions and can help you just have fun! You could meet a friend for dinner, plan a sleepover, or just give them a call!


Rest is so important to your mental and physical well-being and taking a day, or maybe afternoon to just rest can have all sorts of benefits! One day a week, I try to clear my schedule so that I can have a chill “lay-around-the-house-day”. Your rest time might look like watching a movie, having a picnic in the park, or cleaning up your space; whatever it is, it’s important to prioritize rest!

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