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Halloween During Covid

pumpkins and jackolanterns

Halloween During COVID

Every year I looked forward to Halloween as a kid, it was the one day you could be someone else, and it was deemed acceptable by society. I have spent my Halloween nights as princesses, cowboys, hooded goblins, and many other basic costumes that children often gravitate to. The one thing I had always dreamed of was a Halloween on Friday or Saturday night, a night where I did not have to be home by 8 pm to go to school the next morning. Those come rarely, if at all and as I got older Halloween began to lose its magic, it became another day on the calendar that would never be on a Friday.

Last year I had promised myself that I would do something fun, to get back in the spirit, and considering it would be on a Saturday for the first time that I can remember. But as Halloween draws closer and the fact that COVID looks like it is not going anywhere most people’s plans are sadly canceled. To make up for the lack of plans this Halloween I am going to be giving you 5 things you can do this COVID filled Halloween. 


Dressing up with a small group of friends

Just because you can not hang out with your friends does not mean you can not hang out with a small group of people wearing masks and social distance to hang out, tell scary stories, and take pictures! There are many small group costumes that can range anywhere from 3-5 people. Some examples of this are Disney Princesses (modern or regular), Among Us characters, or mythical creatures. 

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A zoom Call with your friends to tell scary stories

The only thing you need for this one is good service, zoom, and a good story to tell. You could have a point system and whoever can scare the most people at the end wins. You guys can also dress up for the call and take pictures of your screens to post on your Instagram or Snap. This does not have a set number of minimum or maximum numbers so you can invite as many people as you want, just make sure you send them the link!


Watch movies together

There are many free apps that you can watch Netflix on! For this, you will need a Netflix account and to find one of the many free websites that let you watch movies on them. You can also watch things without Netflix on house party. Just decide on a scary movie (or maybe a funny one) grab some popcorn, and spend some time with your friends watching a movie!

Some great places to watch are:

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Go to a park and socially distance while carving a pumpkin

You could also carve a pumpkin. For this, you will need to go to your nearest pumpkin patch and make sure each of your friends grabs a pumpkin that will be perfect for carving. You can also get stencils for carving pumpkins and pumpkin carving utensils. Both of those things are not required. You and your friends can prove who has the best carving skills by seeing who does the best on their pumpkin.


Write scary stories and have your friends send them to each other

Want a great way to “hang out with your friends without having to facetime them or be face to face? This just might be your thing! You guys can create a group chat and give a time limit, whoever has the scariest story wins! You can do multiple rounds and even move to zoom or facetime if you want.


COVID Halloween can be fun

Just because you can not be with your friends physically does not mean you can’t be with them in some way this Halloween. It can still be fun even if this is not exactly what we planned. Make sure to keep yourself and others safe this fall by following CDC guidelines but also do not forget to have fun!


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