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Greetings from Carmel, Indiana GirlSpring chapter!

Photo taken by Carmel, Indiana GS chapter

Did you know that GirlSpring has Springboarder chapters in other cities and states? The Carmel, Indiana chapter at Carmel High School all contributed content for our website! Here are a collection of poems:

by Saisha Dangle


Overworked, overwhelmed, overanalyzed, overspent

She is relentless and relentlessly pushed

Over her limit, through the ascent

There is an ambush

She lifts her arm

Over the wavering crowd

Sounds the alarm

Of the dark stormy clouds

They are saved

Because of her wit

And she continues unfazed

Unwilling to quit


by Nava Gold

When I was young all I could think about was when I’m all grown up. 

When I’m all grown up I’m gonna wear the fanciest dresses.

When I’m all grown up I’ll marry a Handsome man.

When I’m all grown up I want to be an astronaut, a scientist, a musician. 

When I’m all grown up I’ll buy anything I want. 

When I’m all grown up I’ll throw parties after parties after parties. 

When I’m all grown up I’m going to take care of my children, I’ll be a mommy.

I’m all grown up now. 

When was I younger?


by Masyn Rodda

Perfect Isn’t Perfect

she laughs too loudly and stumbles over her words 

she’s not thin and graceful

she’s worn and torn

calloused and bruised

with smile lines that crinkle her eyes

she’s the rage that burns her stomach

she has her mother’s wit

and her fathers humor 

she’s the quiet whispers at dusk

and the songs you know all too well

maybe she’s not pretty when she cries 

maybe she trips over her shoe laces

maybe she’s not perfect

and maybe that’s okay

perfection is dull

and I would rather be imperfect before I am dull


by Aubrey Severson

death comes and death goes

but you my darling are life

as far as life goes



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