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Girls, you’ve Got to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!

If there is one thing that every single teenage girl does, it’s compare themselves to other teenage girls. Puberty is peppered with insecurities, changes and hormonal transitions, and it’s difficult for any girl to feel as if she is going to be worthy of those around her. Girls, the biggest mistake you are making is believing you can even measure your worth against anyone else.

You cannot measure yourself against other girls because none of you are the same. You are all completely different, with different likes and dislikes, different shapes and different needs. Some of you will need help to have your teeth straightened and others won’t. Some of you will need glasses and others won’t. Everything that you do in your life will influence how you feel and your confidence, and whether it means having the choice of wearing clear braces over metal ones, or it means learning to let go of social media, you need to let this go. You should never compare yourself to other girls your age – they are probably doing the same with you! Below, we’ve got a shortlist of things you’re doing that will kill your confidence in an instant. Let’s take a look!

You crave reassurance.

It’s nice to have social media, but not when you’re relying on it to feel reassured about yourself. It’s natural to feel insecure with yourself as you get older, but social media and other girls your age giving you the feeling of FOMO is going to make you crave reassurances.

You’re second guessing yourself.

Every time you measure yourself against someone else, you’re going to second guess yourself. That’s how you really mix up your own feelings. If you’re in the habit of second guesses, you’re going to be stuck in a cycle of confusion and worry.

You panic about what other people think.

Is your body responding with anxiety because you have to have braces and you worry about what your friends think? This level of panic is going to kill your confidence in an instant. While it’s okay to be nervous sometimes, it shouldn’t be because of the opinions of other people. If you need braces, it’s because you have dental issues that will be fixed. The thing is, all of your other peers are likely to need them, too!

You’re dwelling.

When your wardrobe doesn’t feel good enough, your phone doesn’t feel upgraded enough, the way you spend your time doesn’t feel like it’s enough, it’s time to get some perspective. Dwelling on how everyone else is thinking and feeling isn’t going to serve you well at all and you deserve peace!

You are a vital young woman and you deserve to feel peaceful and calm as you navigate your way through puberty. You should consider how you interact with others and you’ll feel much calmer and much more secure when you stop comparing how you look to other people.

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