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Getting That Summer Reading Done!

I’ve heard a lot of girls say that they have more than one reading assignment/project they have to do before the next school year begins, and I am included in this. And if you’re like me, you probably want not only to get the assignment done, but also have time to read some books for fun. Many of us tend to slack off and end up finishing the project a week before the school year starts- I can tell you that this happened to me last year. So here are some tips on getting that summer reading done- with time to spare.

First, prepare. Set a schedule. Open your calendar and set due dates for when you want to have the book or the project finished. Place sticky notes in your books marking the amount of pages you want to complete each day. If you have a project or assignment you have to do on your books, look at the guidelines and assignment questions first before you start reading, and write down any you find as you read. Don’t play music while you read- it makes it more difficult for your brain to process what you are reading.

Next, buddy up! Grab a few friends and let them in on your reading plan. If all of you stick to it, this will ensure that each of you finish reading around the same time. Then work on the project together- but remember: These are your own projects, so do your own work. It helps if you, have taken notes as you have read, so you don’t rely on your friends’ information. But if you do this tip, make sure your friends are ones who will do work, not just goof around with you the whole time. If you decide that working by yourself may be a better choice for you, then do that.

Last, do the work. It is up to you to stick with your plan, and know that when you do, you will get it done sooner. This will allow you to have more time to read for fun or do other summer activities. If you know you have a busy summer, bring your book with you wherever you go. If you can, read in the car on the way to sports practice or on the bus to camp. Work on the assignment when you know that you would otherwise just watch T.V. Hopefully these will help you be more successful this summer, and get that summer reading done!

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