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Get Super Soft Skin With These Facial Hair Removal Techniques

Facial hair growth is a very common thing. Approximately 55% of the men worldwide grow facial hair and groom it to look handsome. On the other hand, females also have facial hair. Still, they are very light and tiny, almost undetectable except for eyebrows and upper lips.

Facial hair growth occurs due to genetics or hormonal changes. However, in some cases, the cause of facial hair could be due to underlying health conditions such as PCOS and Hirsutism. And in such scenarios, the growth is in excess, and females tend to remove them to make their faces look soft.

Perhaps, you might also want to learn the techniques of facial hair removal. That’s why you are reading this article. Right?

Well, there are numerous options available in which you can remove hair. Learn about each of them to find the one that suits you best.


  • Shaving

It is one of the easiest and fastest methods of removing hair. You can use a disposable shaver or an electric one. Both will work perfectly to remove the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, or sideburns. However, the results of shaving are short-term. The hair will start growing back in 2 to 3 days, so you have to re-shave.

For better results, wash your face and use a shaving cream or create a layer of soap on the areas you want to shave. It will make it easy to glide the shaver and reduce the chances of cuts.

Although it is a very safe method, shaving always carries the risk of ingrown hairs. However, shaving techniques and face prepping can reduce your chances of ingrown hair. Make sure your face is clean and dry and also avoid using dull razors which can irritate the skin. Next, shave with the hair’s grain rather than against it and hold the skin tight with one hand. Keep the facial razor at a 45-degree angle and softly graze the skin with short strokes, applying as little pressure as possible.


  • Tweezing

This is another inexpensive method to get rid of facial hair. Tweezing is slightly different from shaving as here you need to pluck or pull the hair from roots. Tweezers are particularly designed for facial hair. That’s why its results last longer than shaving, i.e., from three to eight weeks.


For painless plucking, follow these instructions:

  1. Soften the skin using a warm washcloth.
  2. Isolate the hair you want to pull or pluck.
  3. Stretch that portion of the skin and pluck one hair at a time.
  4. Remember to pluck in the direction of hair growth.


It might cause slight discomfort, redness, or inflammation. You can use ice cubes to reduce these signs. Remember that tweezing can also cause ingrown hairs.


Note: Make sure to use disinfectant on your tweezer before and after every use.


  • Laser Hair Removal

The primary issue with most hair removal methods is that the results are often temporary and lead to ingrown hair. Therefore, if you wish to get rid of hair permanently, you can consider laser hair removal.


It is especially good for those suffering from PCOS or Hirsutism. To be more specific, the esthetician providing Laser Hair Removal PCOS treatment will use electrolysis. A small needle is inserted into the hair follicle, and the electric current is used to kill it. The current is generally small. But people might feel discomfort ranging from slight to high. After that, the hair is removed using tweezers.

Nonetheless, make sure to select an esthetician who is certified for electrolysis and has years of experience.


  • Waxing

Waxing is a widely used and effective method of hair removal. There are two types of waxing kits that can help you:

  • Using wax strips available in the market.
  • Cold wax that you need to melt using a wax warmer.


Although both of these work perfectly fine for facial waxing. But it is recommended to use cold wax for better results. While shopping for cold wax, look for the one which is soft and formulated specifically for the face.


Also, make sure to use each waxing strip once. Double-dipping can lead to a skin infection. Besides that, remember to do a patch test to check whether you get any allergic reaction or not.


If your skin doesn’t get any allergic reaction, take the following steps to remove facial hair:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Clean and exfoliate your face.
  3. Hold your skin tight and apply wax.
  4. Immediately use a strip and cover the wax.
  5. Firmly remove the strip in the direction of hair growth.
  6. Once you are done, clean the remaining wax using moisturizer or baby oil.


It might be uncomfortable but not very painful. It will last for about 2 to 3 weeks before the hair starts to grow back. However, just like shaving and tweezing, it can cause ingrown hair or acne.


Tips: If you want to wax your eyebrows or upper lips, it is better to use wax strips. Cut the strips short and use them.


  • Threading

Threading is another technique that is specifically designed for the face. You can easily remove unwanted hair from your eyebrows, upper lips, chin, and side of the face. Plus, you can also give your eyebrows a nice shape that will enhance your facial features.


The best part?- You may ask.


Well, unlike shaving or tweezing, you don’t have to worry about ingrown hair after threading. In this technique, a thread is used to pull the hair from its follicle.


However, you might experience some discomfort or pain during the process. To reduce the pain, you can use a numbing cream or gently compress the area after threading. Also, this technique requires proper training. Therefore, it would be better to take the help of an esthetician.


  • Epilation

Last but not least, you can try epilation. It is a great option if you are always running errands and don’t have time for regular shaving or tweezing. The results generally last for about four weeks.


Many people think that epilators are great for legs or arms. However, they come in different shapes and sizes. Thus, they are suitable for removing hair from any part of your body.


Follow these tips while using epilator:

  1. Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Hold your skin tight and use the epilator in the direction of hair growth.
  3. Don’t press the epilator too hard against the skin.



Talk about facial hair in females is still taboo in several places. But, it is as natural as the hair on any other part of your body. So, you must not feel ashamed of it. Instead, you can try the above-mentioned hair removal techniques and get super soft skin.


Even so, it is better to consult a dermatologist before you try any of the methods.

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