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For I so Loved the World

In sweet wilder grass, I lay
Sun soaked sweetness off the tip of my tongue, I spoke in tongues
I once dreamed of slouching on the throne of Christ, telling him to leave
I would be God then
How foolish I was
To lay, to lie, but never worship God nor Earth
But to sit

Too tanned skin, and raspy voices
Thirsting, honing on the peepholes to the heavens, the stars
For I always sat
In those hot, damp, days
I took nets and catched frogs
Dumped in buckets, set free, watch them stagger,

I thought the ordinance of nature ‘twas ruled by a pretty girl in a leafy coronet
I thanked her and bowed down to the sand and jumped again to dance
To catch frogs again, to swirl in a sundress, chopped hair, light eyes
And to then escape in a sweet concave to sit and gaze upon the Earth

But, lo, I thought I was always above God
For I knew nature, knew of frogs, and my Mother Nature clad in a leafy coronet whispering in
my dreams that she loved me. I knew all of the world, and this world only loved me.

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