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Finding Your Style

Finding your Style

I think it’s true that every person goes through a similar style evolution. When you’re little, your mom or dad dresses you, deciding how you look every day. Dainty dresses and bows might dominate your closet. When you’re in 6th grade, you start picking your own outfits. Maybe you’re really into Bermuda shorts, sparkly t-shirts, and fedoras. When you’re 15, you might be in your awkward punk phase. You might dye your hair black and wear sharpie-d vans all the time. Finally, when you’re in college, you might finally form your own cohesive, adult style – a style which fully expresses who you are.

Teenage years are the hardest. Not only is puberty hitting you like a freight train, but you’re trying to find a style which allows you to fit in with the “cool kids” (whatever that means) and express your own identity at the same time. Honestly, I think this attitude is why teenage years can be so awkward in terms of personal style. Trying so hard to find clothes which fit your body, fit your own preferences, and fit the expectations of others is almost impossible!

In my opinion, a key part of expressing yourself through your own style is refusing to conform to expectations. Wanting to look like everyone else just to be “cool” is constraining. If your personal sense of style tells you to wear shorts and a t-shirt every day, do it! If your friends are wearing dresses, blouses, and heels, don’t feel obligated to follow suit if it makes you uncomfortable.

The coolest trendsetters are the people who don’t intend to inspire others at all. Being who you are and wearing what you want will always be more fashionable than just following the crowd.

Finding clothes which make you feel fabulous is the most important thing. If you feel like your true self wearing heels and full-face makeup every day, then that’s awesome! If you’d feel more comfortable in leggings and a flannel, rock that look all day. It’s far better to be happy in your own style than to force yourself into someone else’s mold.

When you find a style that makes you feel like your best self, run with it. Try new things, experiment with new clothes, and break free from the trends. No one can judge you for expressing yourself if you hold your head high and sport your own look with the confidence that you are happy in your own identity.

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