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Finding Peace in a World of Crazy

Author: Bay Matthews

Living in the world we live in is as hard as trying to blow up Saturn. At least, living a perfect, easy, and peaceful life. Some people can’t handle all the stress, mistakes, and overall struggles of our world, even though most people have it worse than them. But in all those troubles, there are SO many amazing things along the way. Like when you get a 100 on a test you were NOT confident about. Or, when a random person compliments you and it makes your day. These small good things should be your focus. All the stress and sadness of the world can be seen, but not appreciated. We should not let bad things change the way we do, see, hear, and understand things. They should teach us lessons, and make us stronger, but they should never change us.

So, today was my second day of volleyball tryouts. Right before the day ended they said they were making cuts and 6-10 players would not be coming to the 3rd day of tryouts. My brain thought, You will SURELY make this team that you have been working on for 2 years to get on. A sport you hadn’t even tried, but became an amazing player and a great teammate. I thought I had played amazing in the first day, hitting every ball, calling it

Every time, saying good job to everyone, but can you guess what happens next? I got cut first. Of these 10 players not to come back the 3rd day, I was with them. I was so shocked when I saw the list that I couldn’t be sad… yet. Lucky for me I thought. I thought about my life. My future, past and the present. I thought about my family and friends and my community, and something clicked in my head. There were 9 other girls that got cut with me. 9 other girls who probably thought they would make the team. And I also remembered how lucky I am to even have a team to try out for. Like I said before, letting the sad things in life tear you down is just showing how ungrateful you are. Not that you can’t be sad, but we all need to remember how lucky we are. If you brush yourself off and remember the great amazing things in your life, you will feel SOOOOO much better.

In no particular order, here are 15 things I am thankful to have, that give me peace when I am stressed or in a bad situation:
1. My health, and being able to solve any illness right away.
2. My family, and how lucky I am to have caring parents.
3. My friends, to stick with me during troubling times.
4. My house, that is safe from any natural disasters.
5. My food, and how much of it I have.
6. My water, and how clean any easy it is to get.
7. My pets, for being a happy surprise when I get home.
8. My freedom, and being able to do what I want anytime.
9. My community, that helps make everything around me possible.
10. My school, and its good teachers and supplies.
11. My haters, for teaching me to grow stronger everyday.
12. My neighbors, for being kind to me where I live.
13. My adult friends, for teaching me to be mature.
14. My same-age friends, teaching me to be silly and to laugh.
15. My faith, and it helping me through tough situations.

I want anyone who is reading this to be happy with everything good in your life, and take a moment to TRULY appreciate these things.

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