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Fairy Journal Spread and DIYs

When I was little, I adored the concept of fairies. The fantasy in these films are captivating. Especially the films featuring Tinkerbell. Check out this video for reference here. Being fond of nature played into my interest, too. I got to see how the characters utilize nature to create their world.

In 2020, I was brought back to the fairy and cottage aesthetics on social media. Everything from artwork to fashion– I just really resonated with it all, considering it was a big part of my childhood imagination. I really enjoy the softness and the pure outlook the style gives. The pink flush of fairies’ cheeks, gentle hair flowing through clouds, radiant wings stirring branches and petals. The artwork depicts them to be so engrossed in the world around them and the simple connections they make with nature. 

Using the content on social media regarding those styles, I was happy to base my journaling around something I found appealing. In the images below, I did block out some words/quotes since they were personal. But, it still shows where I placed the writing. If you’re also interested in these styles, try the two DIYs at the end of this article to enhance your space. 

Hanging Butterflies

This DIY is great for rooms that have a nature vibe. They are paper butterflies that you print, color, sew clear string through, and hang on your ceiling. I’ve only done one corner of my room, but I want to complete my whole ceiling. The final look is very beautiful and will make your room bright and cheerful.  Here are some tutorials I followed.

If you don’t want to print, cut, and color all the printouts, you can buy plastic butterflies online or at Michaels for pretty cheap.  

Storage Box from up-cycled Band Aid Tin 

The second DIY is also very simple. All you need is an empty band aid tin. I covered the outside of the box with beige cardstock paint samples. However, you can use scrapbooking paper, construction paper, magazine cutouts, etc. Cut the paper to proportion and glue it on all the sides and top. Now, it’s up to you what you want to stick on. As you can see, I used a flower sticker and a few butterfly cutouts. For the handle at the top, I used a jewelry attachment and hot-glue. That’s it! It’s great storage and looks very nice. 

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