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Muscle Strengthening Exercises for Girls + What Gear to Wear During Workout

An active lifestyle keeps you healthy and glowing. It is a great habit to form at an early age to help boost your health in different ways. Muscle strengthening is one of the best exercise options to consider as a girl. Don’t panic; you won’t have to bulk up if you don’t want to. Muscle strengthening will allow you to get lean and shed off fat while keeping you physically and mentally fit. I say mentally fit because strength training can be challenging, but you can power through it.

Now, let’s explore some of the exercise options you can consider and what to wear for a great workout session.


Squats are a great strength training exercise for your lower body. You can choose to add weights or rely on your body weight. Strength training requires you to add some resistance to the movement. So, if doing bodyweight squats is too easy, you can add some dumbbells or weighted barbells or increase your number of reps (repetition). Squats will help to challenge your lower body muscles to allow them to grow stronger. To benefit from your squats, you need to ensure that you keep the correct form. Here is the best way to perform a squat:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight with your gaze straight forward, and lower down slowly into a squat.
  • Then press up with your legs to come back to standing and repeat this motion for the number of reps that suit your goals ( you can start with ten reps for three sets).

If you are using weights, the same form will apply. But, ensure that you are using the right weight to avoid injuring your back. Don’t go too hard.


Lunges also work to strengthen your lower body, especially your hamstrings and quads. This exercise is relatively easy; you can do it with weights or just your body weight. But, bodyweight lunges are pretty challenging, so adding the number of reps will work great without adding any weights. Keeping the proper form when doing your lunges is also essential. Here’s a breakdown of how to optimize your lunge exercises.

  • Stand shoulder-width apart and keep your torso straight.
  • Step your right foot in front of your left foot and lower slowly until your left leg touches the floor. At this point, your right leg should be at a 90-degree angle.

Next, press up with your right foot and bring it back to meet the left foot. Repeat this movement for your desired number of reps, at least 10 to 15, for three sets to start. You can hold on to a dumbbell in each hand and move through the exercise to make it a bit more challenging.


Planks will work your core and shoulders and simultaneously leave you feeling challenged and revitalized. You should try them and make them a routine. They are a great way to ease into working out. The perfect plank will require you to practice your form and get it right. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Get on your forearms and toes, and let them be your support through this exercise.
  • Ensure that your shoulders are in-line with your elbow, your back is straight, and your abdominal muscles (abs) are engaged.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can. You can start with 30 seconds, build up from there, and continue to challenge yourself each time.


Push-ups are a great option to strength train your triceps, chest, and shoulders. This exercise features different modifications to give you a great platform to get started. You can either do a full, half, or wall push-up. The form will differ, but the movement will be the same with different difficulty levels. So here’s what you need to do.

  • Get into a plank position with your palms and toes on the floor for a full push-up. But if it’s a half push-up, let your knees support you on the ground in place of your toes.
  • Next, lower your body by bending your elbows to bring your chest closer to the floor, then push back up. Ensure that your back is straight and your abs are engaged.
  • Repeat the movement for a few reps to get the maximum impact.

If you want to do a wall push-up, the same will apply only that you’ll replace the floor with a wall.


I bet you have seen girls in yoga classes moving swiftly through the poses and looking relaxed and flexible. Yes, the movements look easy, but they are a great strength training option. The classes vary in terms of difficulty level but going for yoga classes will challenge your muscles and strengthen them as required. The best part is that you can enjoy a power yoga flow at home without attending classes.

What Gear to Wear During Workout

Comfort, convenience, and efficiency should be considered when looking for workout gear. Yes, aesthetics will come in but don’t compromise on the other aspects. The essential workout gear to invest in include;

Sports Bras

Get sports bras that are the right fit and will support you through your workouts. Ensuring support will help avoid injuries and uncomfortable training sessions.

Workout Leggings

Workout leggings that hug your body are the ideal option when working out. Go for breathable options that can stretch to allow you to move through different poses.

Short-Sleeve Tees

Short-sleeve tees with wicking technology are the best option to invest in. They will not keep you sweaty and will allow you to enjoy your workout sessions.


Socks seem like an obvious choice but consider getting women’s fashionable compression socks that take comfort to a new level. You’ll feel excellent while strength training while encouraging blood flow in your legs.

Workout Sport Shoes

Comfortable and breathable workout shoes will come in handy when strength training. They will support you through the movements with ease.

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