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Essential Facts to Remember for Rising Seniors

As a high schooler, our lives are on pause. This feeling can be daunting because although our lives are on stalled, the college process is a constantly moving machine that waits for no one. In a world full of uncertainty, the only certain thing is the pile of essays and recommendation letters awaiting us during the pandemic. This impending workload catalyzes an increase in anxiety, but I am here to provide three stone cold facts that will alleviate some of the college stress and boost your confidence going into the college process. 

First: The Importance of an Asterisk

This pandemic is affecting every single human in the world right now. Stating this is not in an attempt to discredit your individual struggle during this time, but it is in order to remind you that colleges are aware of the situation at hand. On every student’s transcript there will be this symbol (*). This asterisk will represent the COVID-19 semester. Remember, Colleges are aware that this is a difficult time for everyone. 

Second: Standardized Testing 

The thing we all know and learn to despise, standardized testing. Whether it’s the ACT or the SAT, students around the nation are wondering, how will schools expect a score from a test that might not even take place? This is a very complicated answer, and to be frank, the answer is not available at this time. What we do have available is a list of colleges that have decided to go test optional for the class of 2021. Keep in mind, many colleges are continuing to be added to this list so continue to check on new additions (Cornell was just added). Although testing right now does not seem probable, keep reviewing and studying for the chance that the test may go online or your dream school does not drop the requirement.

Third: Stand Out this Summer by Staying In

Many students are receiving the dreaded email,“Your internship/summer plans have been cancelled due to COVID-19”. Although most summer activities have vanished leaving rising seniors feeling more anxious about their extracurriculars, think of this summer as a perfect opportunity to find creative ways to explore hobbies and intellectual pursuits. Here is a helpful link to some possible ways to recreate your summer plans. 

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