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Adapting to Quarantine

Adapting to Quarantine

Guest Post by Savvy Scott. a member of the Senior Girl Scouts of Troop 350 AKA “Wild Roses”

There are many changes when confronting COVID-19 and staying home. During this quarantine people aren’t supposed to leave the house very often unless necessary, which makes it very boring and uneventful. However we have to adapt to these changes, for example we have to start getting into the routine of washing our hands regularly and making sure you leave the house wearing a mask and gloves.

I know many people have gotten their plans canceled or postponed because of this virus. Don’t worry though because there is always a way to bring that joy right into the comfort of quarantine!

*If your beach trip got canceled you can always take a beach chair outside and sunbathe by your house.

*If you got your camping trip canceled just pitch a tent in your backyard and tell ghost stories with your family.

There’s many ways that you can bring the fun of your everyday life into your home and still enjoy it during quarantine!


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