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Dating 101

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Dating 101

Dating is one of the many experiences teenagers encounter. Dating can be especially awkward for younger teens and adults who have little to no experience. Due to social media and dating apps, it made it easier for people to get access to others. While this is helpful, it can still be confusing. I thought I would write 5 pieces of advice from one girl to another:

Don’t expect relationships to be perfect

Sometimes, when people get into their first relationship, they expect it to be perfect. The reality is, that no relationship is perfect. There will be days where you don’t feel like talking to each other, and days where you want to spend every second with them. Just because the relationship isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Love yourself before you love someone else

While loving and caring for people is important, loving yourself is just as important. You can not expect someone to heal you with their love if you can’t love yourself. You have to remember to not just take care of yourself, but treat yourself.

Trust your intuition

If you see red flags don’t ignore them. If your date somehow makes you uncomfortable, try to talk to them. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice something, just to keep the relationship “stable.”

Take it slow

Don’t feel rushed to do something your not comfortable doing. If you feel your not ready doing something, then talk to your date or significant other. Feeling forced to do something, whether it be a kiss or sex, is something that will not end well. If they can’t accept your answer, they can’t accept you.

 Be yourself

While this might sound like a cliche to some, it’s an important reminder. In today’s date, we can sometimes feel that were not good enough. Changing yourself to fit society’s standards is not the answer. There is no one else as unique as you, so you have to make it count. Besides, somewhere out in the world there is someone that will love you for you.

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