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Change your life with positivity

If you are like me, negative thoughts constantly run through your mind. No matter how much good there is, you seem to focus on the bad. So here are some helpful ways that I trained my mind to become more positive…

Make a list of the things you are thankful for

Sometimes it takes seeing the wonderful things in your life on paper to give you that positivity boost! So realizing the people and things that you have in your life will make you feel happy and will out weigh the negative aspects of those things.

Use your mirror

I guarantee that every single day you look yourself in the morning, so write down happy things and put them on your mirror and declare them over yourself. It may seem silly but having those constant reminders will stick in your mind and you will think of them throughout the day.

Do at least one thing everyday that makes your happy

Don’t forget about you! Whether it’s listening to your favorite song with the windows down or journaling do the small things that make your heart happy. You have gifts and talents so use them daily and improve them and make sure you are taking care of yourself. Doing these things will make a positive impact on your day.


I noticed a lot of my negative stemmed from listening to sad music. Sad music isn’t bad but sometimes it makes me think negatively. Try out happy music and see if anything changes. I promise little things like this effect your mood and your thinking without you realizing so just do a sad music detox and see if it works.

Replace your thoughts

Every time a negative thought comes into your mind change it into a positive one. Completely shut it out and don’t even let yourself go there. This is very hard at first and it takes a lot of training your mind differently, but once you’ve gotten into the habit it will change your life.

Compliment people

Compliments mean so much to people. Not only are you boosting their confidence, but it helps you too. Spreading positivity and encouraging people will make you feel happy and it is nice to know you’ve made someone’s day!

Spread kindness and be positive!



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