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Bratz: The Movie Review

Most everyone has heard of the popular 2000s dolls, Bratz. Their glamorous outfits, iconic big lips and eyes, and unique hair brought tons of fame to children, online games, an animated series, and even a real-life movie. When I discovered the movie was free to watch on Youtube, I immediately clicked. I had a lot of hope in it! Bratz fans had been begging for a movie for years, and the industry granted that in 2007. Originally, the directors were pushing to make an animated movie, but after a lot of thought, they came to the conclusion that real-life would be better. After watching the movie, I definitely have a lot of thoughts. 

Note: This film was not released recently. However, Bratz fashion has made a return in the past years, which is why I am writing this review. All opinions are my own. No hate is intended towards any involved in the film. 


First things first, I just have to say the costume designer, Bernadene Morgan, did an incredible job with the outfits. Four Bratz characters are featured–Yasmin, Jade, Sasha, and Chloe. Each of their styles are quite different from each other, and they were very consistent throughout. Yasmin’s style is Bohemian, with many patterned pieces and springy colors. Jade’s style is goth-like, with dyed strands of hair and blacks and reds. Sasha’s style is similar to street-style, with trendy pieces and coordinating jewelry. Chloe’s style, considering she is the sports lover, is very relaxed with belted jeans and a simple top. The fashion aspect of this film was very enjoyable to observe, hence the recent comeback of 90s and 2000s fashion. 

Another pro of this movie is the realistic idea of high school cliques. In the beginning of the movie, Meredith (the daughter of the principal and student body leader) directs freshmen on where to sit based on their appearances. The cliques included emos, nerds, cheerleaders, environmentalists, and more. Though it was very exaggerated, there is some truth to these scenes. At least, in the school I attend, it’s very diverse which sadly leads to cliques. I have seen these cliques in real life, and I think the movie did a really good job shedding light on that issue. 


However, not every movie is perfect, especially this one. 

The biggest problem in this film was unoriginality. Firstly, the amount of clichés put in it is absurd. The Asian of the Bratz group hangs out with the science team, the sibling rivalry between Yasmin and her brother is through a bathroom fight scene, “queen bee” Meredith plays the antagonist, and the list can go on. I just wish there was some more variety to this; this movie is basically just a Hollywood high school glory movie. Everything is very unrealistic and it repeats what every single high school movie does. The main characters are hated in the beginning and loved at the end, everyone has a significant other, the antagonist is flat and easy to hate, and friendships are lost and regained. 

Bratz is truly about women empowerment and friendship. This movie didn’t capture that, which is why I don’t like to see that this movie was based off of Bratz. It could have been so much more; there could have been many life lessons and growth other than being friends with your old group again. Bratz fans, I am sure, wanted to see their favorite brand come to life and for it to be magical and thrilling! That did not happen…

Next, there was a very unnecessary character in Meredith. She is an amazing actor, but her character ruined the whole movie. Almost every single mishap stemmed from something she had done to sabotage the group. The Bratz drifted away from one another because of Meredith’s clique system. I wish they had just fallen under societal pressure than being dictated by a blonde-haired enemy. It would have been so beautiful to see the girls find their way through high school, the ups and downs, and everything between. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a good movie to watch if you’re craving some 2000s nostalgia, but it’s not the best if you are looking for something entertaining. Sure, this movie is enjoyable for seven or eight year olds, but it was a pure disappointment coming from something so iconic.


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