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Best Personal Safety Apps

Best Personal Safety Apps

It can be pretty scary if you find yourself alone late at night trying to find your way home or to your car. Thankfully, a whole genre of apps designed to protect its users exist for that very reason. These apps will help you feel safe walking to your car late at night, or during a midnight run to Starbucks, or whenever!

Circle of 6
This is a cool app that allows you to input 6 phone numbers that you can easily call or text specific messages to, including your GPS coordinates and the info that you need to be picked up. Or you could send out a message to your six that you need someone to call or text and act as your distraction. It also comes with resources for various topics like domestic abuse or LGBT+ hotlines.

Check out the app here:

Watch Over Me
This app is a lot more streamlined and simple that some of the other apps on this list. You don’t even have to unlock your phone to use it. All you need to do is shake your phone, and it sends an alert to your emergency contacts AND starts using your phone to record the encounter.

Check out the app here:

This one allows you to alert the police by the simple push of a button. After you press the button, you have the option of in putting a four digit code. If you input the code, the police will not be alerted. If you DON’T input the code within 30 seconds, the police will be alerted. It’s fairly simple, and I like how the developers of the app utilized the aforementioned fail safe function.

Check out the app here:

This incredible app has so many different functions, and it probably one of the better apps on this list. Here is a short list of some of its many features and uses:

-get a fake call to allow you to get out of threatening situations or conversations
-send your exact location out to certain preselected numbers to they can know where to pick you up
-your friends can get alerts about where you are using GPS, and will get alerted once you get home
-set a timer that will go off on your friends mobile devices if you have not contacted them within a certain time
-you can activate an SOS button that send your location out to preselected numbers and your device will start recording audio and video in real time so they can see what is happening

These are just some of the app’s many functions, so be sure to check out all of them on the app’s website:

This app is a little different from the other ones on the list, and has a very interesting concept. Presence allows you to convert your old unused mobile devices, tablets, or iPods into home security devices. It alerts you if it detects motion in your house. An added bonus is you can set it up so that your family gets these alerts as well.

Learn more and download Presence here:

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