Do Not Compare Yourself To Anyone Else; You Are Perfectly Unique

Sometimes as humans, we have a terrible habit of comparing ourselves to others. We want someone else’s looks, their abilities, or even their lifestyle; it can be hard not to do sometimes. When we have things that we want to change about ourselves, and then we see others who possess those things, we can’t help but compare ourselves to those people to see how we can obtain what they have. There is nothing wrong with having goals and wanting to be your best you to feel your best, but don’t kill yourself trying to reach the impossible standard of perfection. Whether you may realize it or not, some people wish they were you exactly as you are now.

It may be hard to believe, but while there are people whom you continuously compare yourself too, there are others who are comparing themselves to you. We all have strengths that others wish they had. You may have the hair or style that some people would die to have, some things may come easily to you that doesn’t come easily to others, and more times than not there is always someone you have it better than. Just because you aren’t super rich doesn’t mean you aren’t super blessed with good looks, good company, and even good things. Nonetheless, beauty is completely objective, and everyone has different abilities and talents. If we were all the same, then this world would be pretty dull. You are unique for a reason, if you try to be someone else then you can never truly be yourself.

The goal in life is to be an original, not a copy. If everyone was a great singer like Beyonce, then we wouldn’t have great people like Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, or Simone Biles. Your uniqueness is what will and does make you amazing and perfect. We were created for different destinies so we can contribute to this world in different ways. You may wish you could be a great actor, but instead, the world may need your fantastic business skills, and in doing so you can create the next big business corporation. Embrace what makes you unique and use it to be great. Sometimes comparing ourselves to others is not even about abilities or talents but can solely be about our outward appearances.

If we were all blonde, we wouldn’t have beautiful brunettes or redheads. We need short people as much as well as tall people. It’s part of what makes us unique and even sometimes gives us our abilities (i.e., tall people would be better in things like playing basketball while short people would be better at things like gymnastics or long distance running). Always look your best to feel your best, but that should stay within the realm of things like hairstyles, makeup, clothes, etc. Your skin color, eye color, height, body type, and everything else unchangeable is perfect exactly the way it is; don’t strive to be someone you are not because you are perfectly you in every way possible.

We have all heard that you can’t change another person, and that should include yourself. You should never try to change something that isn’t broken. Even when you are young and trying to figure out who you are in this world, you should never try to be anyone other than yourself. You will figure out who you are eventually, but I promise that you were not meant to be Becky who is 5 foot 11 with blonde hair and blue eyes in biology class. There is so much more to life than high school, and the person who you are becoming will prepare you for the rest of your life. Focus on yourself and better yourself as a person. Be better in that you want to be nicer, more disciplined, or even healthier physically and mentally. This world doesn’t need those who are basic, but those who strive to be unique and original.

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