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Best Dessert/Treats for the Summertime in Birmingham

Best Desserts/Treats For The Summer time in Birmingham

Dessert and yogurt places you need to go to in Birmingham!

The summer weather is starting to heat up, and I know when it starts to get super hot, I crave ice cream, smoothies, etc. There are so many places in Birmingham, but I definitely have my favorites. 


  1. My absolute favorite place to eat something refreshing in Birmingham is Farm Bowl and Juice Company. It is located in Homewood around a bunch of other cute restaurants and shops. Whenever I go here, I get the acai bowl. It is by far the best acai bowl I have had anywhere. They are so refreshing, tasty, and even healthy so you feel great when you leave.


  1. My favorite dessert place in Birmingham has to be Edgewood Creamery. Edgewood is also around the Homewood area, and as soon as you walk in, the aroma of the shop already has you hooked. The smell of the fresh waffle cones being made is the first thing you smell when you walk in the door. I have tried so many flavors from here, and they are all amazing. I love cookies and cream, and when I’m in a fruity mood, I go with strawberry. You can try whichever flavors you want and you’re bound to fall in love with one.


  1. Another ice cream shop that comes in right behind Edgewood Creamery is Big Spoon. Big Spoon’s flavors are a bit more unique, but it makes the experience so much fun. Every time I have been there, I always want to go back to try a new flavor. Some of my friends like Big Spoon more than Edgewood, so you guys need to try and let me know which one you like best.


  1. Acai bowls are a must in the summer, and I know I talked about Farm Bowl, but City Bowls comes in right after it. City Bowls are an amazing treat in this hot weather, and it fills you up enough to even be a meal! City Bowls have a variety of different toppings, but one of my favorite things is their nutella and peanut butter they finish the acai bowls off with. It gives it the perfect sweetness to go along with all of the fruit. It is definitely somewhere you need to try if you haven’t!


  1. My last one on this list, but certainly still a must-try, is Steel City Pops. Steel City Pops is the perfect light dessert to have after dinner, or even just a snack to have during the day. This popsicle place has so many amazing flavors, it becomes hard to choose. All of the fruit ones are great for the summer, but they even have ice cream flavored ones for more of a dessert take. I love them all, but I would say my favorite has to be the coffee and mango. 


All of these places are my regular go-to’s in Birmingham, but there are also plenty more you can find all over the city. You need to give these all a try if you haven’t!

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