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    5 Korean Dramas to Watch

    5 Korean Dramas To Watch

    5 Korean Dramas to Watch

    Korean dramas have recently become popular internationally, generally consisting of a variety of genres including romance, drama, action, mystery, etc. These dramas are known for their unpredictable endings, talented actors, high quality production values, and unique storylines. As an avid fan of kdramas, I wanted to introduce a few popular and personal favorite series to watch.

             1. Parasite

    An award winning cinematic masterpiece directed by Bong Joon Ho, this movie provides an intense narrative on the themes of class struggle and social inequality. The plot centers around the Kim family who live in a basement of a poor neighborhood making money through part time jobs as they begin to exploit and leech off the wealthy Park family with deceitful means. With the plot twists and thought provoking ideas of societal corruption, this film is a must watch and will certainly keep you entertained.

              2. The Glory

    This series centers around a woman named Moon Dong Eun, who has centered her life around taking revenge on her high school bullies. It depicts themes of social issues and human psychology throughout the 16 episodes. The Glory stands out from typical kdramas for its captivating portrayal of revenge, bullying, as well as corruption within society. It was also revealed that this movie is based on a true story, which is very gruesome to process since finishing the series, but it is overall a very thrilling and fascinating movie to watch.

              3. Train to Busan

    This film was released in 2016 and gained widespread popularity for the intense action and well developed storyline. Train to Busan is a zombie apocalypse thriller movie that follows a group of passengers on a train who must fight for their lives as a zombie outbreak threatens their lives. Its emotional depth and exciting plot, it has become a fan favorite within the array of horror movies. I highly recommend watching this movie as it is one of my top favorites.

              4. True Beauty

    This captivating and lighthearted Korean drama offers a combination of comedy, coming of age, and romantic themes. This series follows the life of a high school girl who journeys through finding inner beauty and security, while being stuck between two love interests both pursuing her. Filled with heartfelt moments, and an engaging storyline, I found it very easy to follow and understand. Many other fans of Korean dramas have enjoyed this series as it is uniquely charming and very interesting overall. 

              5. 20th Century Girl

    Last, but definitely not least, this Korean drama series takes viewers on a nostalgic journey of a young high school student as they navigate friendships, personal growth, and love. Although I found this series very warmhearted and cute, there is a plot twist along with a shocking and sad ending. If you are not looking for a korean drama to watch that will completely shatter your heart, I recommend watching another series because I was left in tears and heartbreak. Regardless of the sad ending, I really loved and enjoyed 20th Century Girl and it is a very well crafted story that will definitely be a fun and entertaining watch. 


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